Bungie lays out updates for Destiny 2

As was promised a few days ago when it cancelled its third Curse of Osiris livestream, Bungie has now released a lengthy blog post in which it outlined some of the immediate changes it will be making to Destiny 2 to make the game more appealing to both casual and dedicated players.

You can read the full blog post here, but the short and sweet details are that Bungie will be making a majority of its outlined changes via two upcoming game updates, one which will arrive on December 5 (the same day as the launch of Curse of Osiris) and another on December 12. More updates are also planned for early 2018.

The new and expanded features which will be coming courtesy of these two December updates include the following:

  • Masterwork weapons, which are basically a higher tier of Legendary weapons equipped with kill-counters, randomized (and re-rollable) perks, and the ability to generate orbs when they score multi-kills. Unwanted Masterworks can be dismantled into materials which can be used to upgrade existing Legendaries into Masterworks.
  • Unlockable armor ornaments which will be tied to existing in-game factions, activities, and limited-time events.
  • The ability to purchase specific gear pieces from vendors using Legendary Shards.
  •  An expansion to Xur’s weekly inventory which includes special ‘Fated Engrams’ which are guaranteed to decrypt into an Exotic the player doesn’t already have.

Bungie also says it is working on revamping Destiny 2’s XP system so that it feels fair and fluid to players at all levels, and doesn’t automatically throttle itself once a player reaches max level. A specific timetable for when the new system will be ready hasn’t yet been confirmed, but Bungie promises to keep players in the loop.


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