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Quake Champions is free if you get it now (or much later)

I’ve never been a Quaker. I’ve always thought a life spent pursuing peace and friendship through a religious lens was at odds with the Quaker’s requirement that you spend 5…

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Roguelikelike FPS Ziggurat is free right now on GOG

Enough of this ‘E3’ and its video games tomorrow; what about video games today? Reader, I have good news: not only are a number of video games out and playable…

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GOG’s Summer Sale opens with a Xenonauts giveaway

Maybe my perception of time is getting a bit wonky in my old age, but didn’t we just finish Spring Sale season a week or two ago? No matter –…

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Cute pulp sci-fi defensive shooter Fortified is free today

How about a little something to unwind for the evening with? A charming looking free game tickle your fancy? Fortified has apparently been around on Steam early 2016, but it…

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Free games of the week

This week, you can sell junk at a magical yard sale, play as zombies in a take on dodgeball, or become a pigeon flying high above the sky. If being…

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Last Week in E-Sports: Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite gets its first tournament

Last Week in e-sports we saw the announcement of a major Marvel Versus Capcom: Infinite tournament, the postponement of a major Gears of War 4 tournament, and one of the…

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Last Week in E-Sports: Speedruns for Charity

Last week in e-sports we saw Games Done Quick bring speedrunners together on short notice to raise funds for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. We also saw PUBG break records…

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Last week in e-sports: Battle for the Stones details revealed

Last week we saw the announcement of several new Overwatch League teams as well as plans for the EU LCS to adopt a new franchising model. We also saw the…

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PvE e-sports could work under the right conditions

Over the past few weekends (and leading into next weekend as well), Blizzard has been hosting a unique sort of e-sports event called the Mythic Dungeon Invitational for its hit…

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Overwatch League players will earn $50k a year, plus health insurance

Now that the first handful of Overwatch League teams have been announced, Blizzard is now sharing the benefits that players on these teams will be earning. In a blog post…

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