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Four different e-sports shows are coming to Hulu

The eSports League and Hulu have announced they are teaming up to produce four different shows centered on e-sports which will be available exclusively on the Hulu streaming service later this…

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Last Week in E-Sports: Speedrunners raise money for a good cause

Last week in e-sports was something of a variety week. We saw the summer’s biggest speedrunning marathon come to a close, an announcement of a new For Honor tournament, a…

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Last Week in E-Sports: Tournament Edition

Last week the world of e-sports was filled with new tournament announcements, from a new H1Z1 League to Rocket League Season 4 to Pokemon. The influence of e-sports is spreading and before too…

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Team Envy’s Overwatch League announces new Dallas Fuel brand

Back in August, Blizzard announced that, as part of a major reform to its Overwatch competitive league, it would require all participating eSports teams to rebrand themselves for the league….

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A look inside a League of Legends Team House with the Immortals

A Team House is a familiar concept for e-sports pros, but for those of us not in that world it can be truly baffling. Whenever I talk to people about it…

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Interview: Los Angeles Valiant on Overwatch League and competitive changes

There are a lot of things to talk about in the world of Overwatch these days: the new competitive format, talent, spectator mode being awful/updated, map balance, and, most important of…

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The good and bad of StarCraft II's e-sports region lock

In 2016 Blizzard implemented a new way to bring out the best of the best in competitive StarCraft when we all gather in Anaheim, California for BlizzCon. The idea behind region…

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Is artificial intelligence the future of e-sports?

On August 11, at Valve’s Dota 2 International tournament, an AI created by Elon Musk’s OpenAI startup defeated Danylo “Dendi” Ishutin in a 1v1 match. Even more impressive, it did so with…

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Two Dota 2 teams forced to forfeit one qualifier because they were playing another

There’s no clearer sign of just how big the competitive Dota 2 scene has become than the fact that, over the past weekend, two professional teams had to eat a…

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Picking a MOBA: LoL, Dota 2, HOTS, and Smite

These days, becoming a MOBA player begins with a single, all-important question: which one is right for you? Back in 2009 there was only League of Legends, but currently we…

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